Twiggy Lashes: One Product, Zillions of Compliments

Twiggy Lashes: One Product, Zillions of Compliments

There’s a reason Twiggy continues to inspire POPSUGAR Beauty Editors. The ‘60s model was the Gigi Hadid of her time, sparking copycats, dominating magazine covers, and ruling runways with her signature long legs and mega-lashes.

We can’t change the length of our legs but the length of our lashes? That’s easy. Here’s how to get Twiggy lashes in just a few seconds and with just one product.

First, use healthy makeup like our Just Enough Tinted Moisturizer for natural coverage on your face. Next, take a matte shade of nude eyeshadow from our Dawn or Twilight palette (and by “nude,” we mean-close to your actual skin tone, whatever that is) and apply it across your entire top lid. Use Online Liquid Eye Line to precisely trace your upper lash line in a thin, deliberate line.

Now comes the fun part: grab Beauty by POPSUGAR’s Thick and Thin Mascara. Use the thick end for volume and length- and the thin side for topline definition of your outer corners, plus easier access to every single bottom lash. Keep coating your top and bottom lashes…and coating…and coating… until you get a supernatural thicket that enhances your eyes with bold, gorgeous definition.

Warning: this beauty look is highly addictive, whether you’re time-traveling to 1969 or just heading to brunch with friends circa 2018.…