The Five Beauty Products You Should Always Have In Your Bag

The Five Beauty Products You Should Always Have In Your Bag

Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Makeup that fits in your normal purse and still works for touch-ups and bathroom breaks? That’s a little harder — but at Beauty by POPSUGAR we’ve got some solutions.

We designed our products to be smart, portable, and easy to apply fast, because just like you, we’re busy and never stop moving. (Seriously—have you seen the POPSUGAR travel section?)

Here’s the editor-approved way to pack your purse like a beauty pro.

Lip Balm
It’s everyone’s favorite product for a reason — because it’s amazing. Our Be Sweet Tinted Lip Balm nourishes lips with antioxidants, protects them with SPF, and adds a layer of buildable color, and it’s perfect for those moments when you realize you need an extra shot of softness. It’s the ultimate example of great things in small, purse-friendly packages.

be sweet tinted lip balm
Lip Color
You can look glam without going crazy, and we’ve got proof: Our Sweet STX lip color gives a luscious finish that lasts long and looks Hollywood-worthy. It’s a satin matte finish lip color with a velvety feel, and even though it looks high-key, it takes two seconds to apply.

Sweet STX

Sometimes changing places means changing lighting — and color that looked perfect at the restaurant is suddenly barely there at the club. Enter Make Me Blush Cheek Color, which fills cheeks with a natural flush and also elevates your bone structure. A quick swipe in the bathroom, et voila, you’re ready to face the music. (Or the bridal shower, or the first date . . . )  

Make Me Blush

Tinted Moisturizer
Yes, you can fit our Just Enough Tinted Moisturizer in a normal handbag, and here’s why that’s great: Unlike traditional foundations, our tinted moisturizer has buildable color, and each layer gives a little more coverage. That means if you’re going for the natural look all day, then going straight to dinner or drinks, you can touch up your complexion or even reset your entire look without hauling a vanity table into your work bathroom.

tinted moisturizer  
Blotting Papers
Everyone deserves their time to shine — just not when it comes to their skin. That’s why our Be Matte Beauty Papers are such smart beauty. They’re easy. They’re fast. They absorb excess oil from the face without compromising any existing makeup. And they take up less space than a smart phone, though we depend on ours just as much.

Be Matte Blotting Papers