Lip Care: It’s a Thing

Lip Care: It’s a Thing

Fun fact: Lips are 100 times more sensitive than fingers. They’re also more likely to dry out than any other body part. That’s why lip care is so important, and it’s not just about moisturizing them (although, yes, that’s a big thing).

Because lips are always exposed to the outside elements, they need protection from UV rays and pollution. And because our lips are often wearing various lip shades, they need to be scrubbed in gentle, natural, effective way. Healthy lips look smoother and hold color and shine longer, and they’re actually really easy to maintain.

Here’s our trusty trio for the ultimate lip care:

1) Be Sweet Tinted Lip Balm

Our lip balm nourishes lips with moisture, protects them with SPF, and adds a layer of buildable color.

Plus, its blueberry and hibiscus extracts have antioxidants, which help protect lips from pollution and free radicals. It’s one of the most protective, nourishing tinted lip balms ever made.

2) Be Smooth Sugar Lip Scrub

It’s a scrub with a difference: though it comes in a normal stick, like a regular lip balm, it’s actually an exfoliant. Made with Hawaiian natural granular sugar and macadamia nut butter, this thick scrub makes your lips a clean slate — it clears all the lines, all the leftover makeup, everything — in just a few seconds. It’s like a lip scrub and a lip balm in one, with no need to blot, and you’ll see instantly softer and smoother lips as a result. A must-have in our beauty routine!

3.) Be Calm Lip Save

Even listing its ingredients feels calming: mint extracts to cool and soothe any rough patches, shea butter and jojoba oil to moisturize and nourish, and grapeseed oil to brighten and help repair the skin barrier. And here’s the bonus: though Be Calm is called a Lip Save, it works anywhere you want a fast, soothing swipe of hydration (elbows, cheeks, wherever!). Open your tube and hear your skin say ahhhh.