Help! Which Eyeliner Is Right For My Look?

Help! Which Eyeliner Is Right For My Look?

Q: Dear Beauty By POPSUGAR,

I’m trying to up my eyeliner game, and I see you have two eyeliner options. What’s the difference? Where do I start?



A: Great Questions, Eye Wanna!

Here’s the deal: Much like your favorite art class, most eyeliner falls into one of two categories, smudge vs. sharp. In the BBPS world, that’s Online Liquid Eyeline (sharp) and Stay Put Eyeliner (smudge).

The general rule is, if you want a super-defined graphic look like a cat-eye, a mod geometric effect, or a sharp thin line, go with Online Liquid Eyeline. It’s precise eyeliner, it’s bold, and it stays put.

If, on the other hand, you’re dying for a smoky or smudged effect, or a really subtle line that you blend directly into your lash line, go with Stay Put Eyeliner. It’s got an innovative formula that lets you blend your line during application, but then it sets for long wear. (Or, as we like to say, first you smudge, then it won’t budge.)

For any eyeliner effect, the real secret is practice.

Put on a great Spotify playlist, sit in front of the mirror, and play with both formulas to see which one you love and get more comfortable using it. We made ours especially easy for newbies, so it won’t take long for your eye game to score some new points.


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