Read Our Lips: These Spring Trends Will Make You a Makeup Star

Read Our Lips: These Spring Trends Will Make You a Makeup Star

Ever notice how so many songs are about lips? We kiss with them, talk with them, and smile with them — and we should make style statements with them, too! Celebrities certainly do, with darkly glamorous “bitten” lips on Elle Fanning and seriously shiny pouts via Rihanna.

Our three favorite spring lip trends are easy to get and red-carpet ready, too!



The most extra lip trend this season turns your pout into a mylar must-have—the kind Cara Delevingne might sport on a Luc Besson spaceship.  It looks high-tech, but it’s actually super simple. First, use your favorite Sweet Stx Satin Matte Lip Color, taking care to fill in your entire lips, top and bottom. (Pro tip: apply your lipstick from the center of your lips outward.)

Next, grab Be Cosmic Crystal Liquid Lip. It’s a prismatic lip topper that reflects and amplifies surrounding light, turning your pout into a kaleidoscope of holographic effects and ultra-smooth texture. Layer 2 to 3 coats and prepare for mega-shine.



A less galactic version of Mirror Lips, this look has a sexy, almost vinyl quality that echoes the bombshell patent leather looks seen on Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. It’s also a gorgeous contrast to a fuzzy cashmere sweater and other rainy-day staples. Here’s how to get it:

Use your favorite shade of Be Racy Liquid Velvet Lip, a plush and super-strong formula that gives a deep color payoff and a super-soft coat of nourishment to lips. Take care to fill in your entire lips, top and bottom—you know how it goes. Then take a similar shade of Be The Boss Lip Gloss, a non-sticky and super slick lip gloss that has buildable coverage. Use 1 to 2 swipes for sheer shine, or 3 to 4 for a gleaming coat of even more juicy color.


Source: Getty Images

For this runway-ready trend, make like Elle Fanning on the Miu Miu runway and pay particular attention to the inner edges of your lips. Line them with Be Racy Liquid Velvet Lip, taking care to gently spread the color outwards towards the top and bottom of your mouth with your finger or a brush.

The effect — deeper color on the inside, lighter color on the outside — should look like you’ve just eaten a popsicle or lollipop. Dab a tiny bit of Be The Boss Lip Gloss on the center of your lower lip for just a hint of sexy shine.