Beauty Junkies: Alex Jackson

Beauty Junkies: Alex Jackson

 Hey there!! Welcome to our Beauty Junkies page, where we highlight real ladies living real lives, and looking real good. 

Name: Alex Jackson

Job/Passion: hair stylist, natural makeup artist/ingredient junky+beauty advisor


What I'm Wearing (Beauty):

Urban Decay complexion vitamin mist/Mario Badesco moisturizer/Clinique cc cream, Dawn/ BEAUTY by POPSUGAR eyeshadow paletteBEAUTY by POPSUGAR tinted lip balm, and tiny wheel eyeliner in vip, black smudge eyeliner blush bronzer compact, thin and thin mascara/Anastasia eyebrow powder/Becca blurring powder

Why I'm a Beauty Junkie:

I am wildly passionate about the ingredients used to make these magical tools that aid in uplifting  our natural beauty, all the while being mindful of the effects that these ingredients may have on the environment, and the well being of our skin.  And the packaging, sheesh I’m a sucker for great packaging design.

My Ride or Die Beauty by POPSUGAR Product:

Wow! I am honestly blown away by this product line, which makes it difficult to narrow down. Currently though, I find myself searching for my tinted lip before I even look for my car key! This tinted balm rocks my world! It’s so conditioning, stays put and the pigment paired with the list of some of my fave ingredients, has my pout on point no matter what time of day it is!